Complete Fiction, Vol II

Written By Karen Li

They fill my shelves with color

The museum of decorated spines

Who dance, and laugh, and take me with them

As we, in page turns, meld minds


In the depths of their vivid realities,

On a path of who and where I’ve been

Wait Nicholas Benedict’s purple arrows,

And Coraline’s mother’s grin.


But perhaps by now these are outdated,

Crease-worn relics of a newly distant time,

Still from authors to covers to indexes,

There are yet creatures to these spines.


How to become the Bisexual Space Hero of your Dreams

Written By Rosa Diaz

  1. Start by having a cool name. If you weren’t born with one, get a cool nickname or change your real name. You can’t kick ass and take names across the galaxy with an uncool name. Pick something like Jace or America or a nickname like Q or Duck. Yes, this is absolutely necessary.
  2. Next, have a childhood that is, at the very least, confusing. You don’t need to have a tragic backstory (although that is acceptable), you just need a childhood that leaves you with undirected longing and repressed emotions. Maybe you spend a long time grappling with your sexuality, or your parents want to force you into a job that you hate. Maybe you do both.
  3. Become least a little reckless. Sleep with men and women that you shouldn’t. Make a mess of your relationships. Get involved with something dangerous. It is important that you use this time to both make a mess of yourself and become cynical to set up your character arc later.
  4. Fall in love with someone. Perhaps you fall in love with the cutest girl you have ever seen – a sharpshooter in the space military. Maybe you even enlist for her. You find that they are willing to overlook your reckless past because your tech skills are exactly what they need to round out a new program.
  5. Break up. One day after training the girl will your hands in hers and say “Jace, this isn’t going to work.” You’ll still have to see her often, and you’ll still work on the same ship, but you won’t be together any longer.
  6. Try to impress someone else. Pick someone from a squadron from an allied planet. Use this as motivation to rise through the ranks, and in the process, become close friends with them.
  7. Develop a strong sense of morality. Find yourself a real reason to keep fighting and believe in it very strongly. Maybe you are fighting because you believe in the goals of the war. Maybe you just think that you can make a difference and end it.
  8. Become known for pulling heroic stunts in battle. Save the lives of other people. Take big risks and have them pay off. Become known not only on your ship, but throughout much of the galaxy for heroics.
  9. Be the one who makes the play that ends the war. Be responsible for the big make or break move in the strategy for the final battle and make it. Be celebrated for years to come.
  10. Finally kiss the boy you’ve been trying to impress for a year now. Since the war is now over, you two can spend time trying to build a lasting relationship.

From here, you have a lot of options. You can go live a quiet life with the person you love, find a small town, and settle down. You could keep trying to change the world, and find a group of people to make the world a better place with. You could stay in the military – they would let you – and try to make a difference in there. Hopefully you calm that longing you’ve had since adolescence.


Written by Alliah Pe Benito

“As an arrow goes whizzing by your face, you dive to the ground and hear what seems like a toddler laughing.”

I don’t turn around. Baby laughter out of nowhere, right after a mysterious attempted murder? Nope. Nope. NOPE. I’d like to live past college, thank you very much. But just as I’m struggling to my feet, gearing up to fucking book it out of the suddenly silent park, another arrow cuts through the air right where my face was a second before.

“Well, you’re a piece of work, huh?” says an almost hilariously high-pitched voice. Don’t look, I think aggressively to myself. But alas, I’m kind of an idiot, so I glance over my shoulder and almost trip over my own feet. My brain short-circuits or something and the words seem to spill out of my mouth before I can even register them.

“What the fuck are you?” I whisper-yell at the glittery, grumpy-faced winged creature, who’s making a valiant attempt at being intimidating by crossing their arms and squinting really, really hard in my general direction. I think.

Excuse me?” the creature squeaks at me, offended. Their wings flutter double-time. “Are you as dense as you are lonely? Don’t you see my badge? The wings? The literal, heart-tipped arrows you keep dodging like all the men in your life?”

The creature, as ineffective as they were in inspiring terror, was still holding a glittery gold bow and a quiver that had at least a handful of gaudy heart-shaped arrows left, needle-point sharp. I hate needles. The rational part of my brain blares at me, “Get the fuck out of here?!”

…I really didn’t want to go to Expos though. After a brief moment of struggling with my sense of obligation and scholarly pursuit of knowledge, the dumbass part of my brain wins, so I shuffle a little closer. The creature looks vaguely child-shaped from a few feet away, and they were indeed sporting a sash with a very shiny badge, boasting the title EX CUPID in blood-red.

“Ah,” I say, “Well, looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, huh kiddo…”

That…was probably not the right thing to say, considering the creature–Cupid–flushed bright Rutgers red. Oops?

A Collection of Haiku

Written by Ron Wolf

implicit embrace
makes me unsure of going
to this warm, dark place

peregrine feelings
settle in my innermost
and split me in two

all around is doubt
no one knows from whence it comes
effervescent lies

my life’s goal has been
to accrue sagacity
if I had a dime

ennui feeds upon
a dormant mind, makes its home
in the river depths

we all wish to be
multihyphenate beings
we spread ourselves thin

do miscegenate;
if not for the joy, then to
piss off the rich folk

No Speaking No Explaining

Written By LunaLali; inspired by the first line of Sappho 31

It rages within me, this hatred For

Every moment that I am left gasping, When

There is nothing but nonsense escaping my lips I

Drown in unanswered questions, in confusion, just Look

For a moment, the intentionally obfuscatory language directed At

My people, my brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, and You

Can’t spare a moment to clarify the danger that is coming, you don’t Even

Hesitate to take advantage. And now there is A


It’s coming, we are crossing the line, there will come a day when No

Justice will prevail, when there will only be nails, and teeth, and no Speaking

Nor Explaining nor attempting to reason will prevent what Is

Coming, What it all means. But for now, for now there is nothing Left.



The One Where Jack Throws A Brick

Written by Leo Chiaet

Jack walked through the automatic doors with a hazy look and glazed eyes. It was 3 am, but due to his self-destructive habits and the copious amount of weed and alcohol in his system, Jack has somehow convinced himself that he needed choco-mint chip ice cream immediately.

He wandered the store in a drift, taking his sweet damn time. And then he saw his treasure. Choco-mint chip ice cream. Jack staggered and drunkenly opened the freezer, but as soon as he did, a sneaky, wretched gray hand twisted after the exact carton and snatched it out of Jack’s sight.

Jack turned his eyes as fast as he could, only in time to see a shadowy figure whisk off with his beloved choco-mint chip ice cream just around the corner. Never mind the fact that there were still several other cartons left.

Jack desperately hungry and infuriated, tried to yell loudly, yet only managed to grumble and mumble incoherently, much like a man hopped on weed, alcohol, and manhood might do. He ran, then fell, and puked just a little, then got up and ran again after the figure. Again, only seeing the abductor as he just managed to walk out of sight. This time through the automatic doors, with his beloved trapped in a plastic bag that said “Have a nice day.” Jack was certainly not having a nice day. But he would have a vengeful night.

“Have a nice night, sir,” the attendant said to him as he strode past.

“I won’t!” Jack yelled as he tripped himself against the automatic doors and onto the floor. You see, Jack was too eager to get through the doors, and his foot kicked the door as it opened making him lose balance and fall again.

But he got up, like the hero he was, and ran after the mysterious abductor.

Jack spotted the man. More like a skeleton, shrouded in darkness, in the middle of the parking lot. He was standing there triumphantly, as if waiting for Jack.

“Hello Jack,” the figure’s raspy voice broke through the silence of 3 am. “Looking for something?” The figure held up his hostage. “You see, I am Thomas Dank, dark overlord, and I have come to challenge you!”

Jack dislodged a chunk of brick from the Walmart and threw it at Thomas, shattering the skull of the dark overlord, ridding him of life and all his dark powers. But, the brick also crushed his carton of beloved Choco-mint, crushing and splattering the contents onto the pavement.

Jack had lost all purpose, and submitted himself, like any hero of old would, to licking the Choco-mint from the hard, unforgiving parking lot ground.


Written By Greg Giovannini

A hallway, long and dark, stretches before me. Behind and ahead, there is only blackness, an inscrutable fog clouding the distant past and future. I walk forward simply because that’s the last way I remember walking, but I could just as well be walking backwards.

My steps are slow, careful, investigative, as though each movement spawns a clue to unravel the mystery of my destination. A small candle in my hand provides the only light, but it is enough. I am comfortably lost. I think of the future beyond the blackness, and it fills me with hope. I do not think of the blackness behind me; it reeks of despair, a despair that feeds on sadness and pain. As long as I have my light, I am safe – the darkness chases but cannot catch me.

Step after step, and there is still nothing. The corridor narrows ever so slightly. Shadows dance over the wooden floor from my flickering candlelight; there is no sound but that of my shoes rhythmically striking the smooth planks. I do not wonder and walk on.

Eventually the wax drips onto my hand. I wipe it off and shiver. Something tickles the back of my mind, like an unscratchable itch, but I ignore it as I press onward, a bit faster now. The light flickers more erratically, and I notice with a twinge of something else that my circle of light has waned. Still I continue my march.

The feeling deepens, but the word eludes me. An unsteady beat joins the sound of my steps – it is my heart. The candlelight dwindles further. I start jogging.

It strikes me that I don’t know why I’m moving forward. The darkness ahead seems more oppressive, more malicious, harboring the enigma of my destination. At least the darkness behind me holds no secrets. I suck in a breath, heart racing. There is a person somewhere, I think. But which way are they? Surely ahead. I feel that unknown word on the tip of my tongue.

I am running now, the shrinking light nursing my growing clarity; it is a thin barrier between the layers of dark I am sandwiched between, and the shadows kiss through the porous membrane. I feel on the verge of a massive revelation, of some truth left behind and forgotten.

Then the candle goes out. My lifeline vanishes. The darkness is absolute, petrifying. I freeze; the silence screams around my thundering heart. Fear. I feel it like two walls crushing the life out of me, and I collapse to the cold ground in a trembling pile. Someone is yelling in my ear. I curl up and cover them with my hands, but I still hear the voice. Another joins it. Words reach me, and I fight them off, but they wound my feeble defense. It is a chorus of voices now, and they storm my wall like a bellicose army and flood my soul in ruthless fury. Worthless. Pathetic. Weak. I beg them to stop. Useless, sniveling, crying, whining, baby. I scream and want to die. Sad trash depressed worthless burden die die die die die. I feel as though I am being ripped apart by a savage beast. Hopeless, I sink into it and let it take me, the cacophony drowning out every thought until only a white noise assaults me. I remain like that for some time – minutes? Days? – and then I am conscious of my heartbeat, and my shivering body hugging the floor. Terrified that the voices will return, I leap up, my darting eyes useless in the inky blackness. And then a fleeting image of the person pops into my mind like the wink of a lighthouse beacon.

I need to find her. She is somewhere back there, I am sure of it. I propel myself in what feels like the opposite direction at full speed. My body feels sluggish, as though the air itself is viscous. But I run on and on, blindly, searching for something in the nothing. The corridor seems to never end.

Until I smash head-first into something solid. I stagger back, stunned, but my desperation to find her clears my senses rapidly. As though my crash-landing had triggered some response, the tiniest sliver of light appears at the ground. It is enough to illuminate the outline of a door in front of me. I can hear a voice speaking energetically beyond. Hopeful, I search for a handle, some means of opening it. But it is just a slab of wood. I pound it, kick it, yell at it; the unyielding monolith crushes my spark of hope into the ashes of despair.

In defeat, I sink to the ground again with my back to the door, listening. I can hear her, just beyond the threshold, laughing. She says something, and I feel the love in the words, feel it but cannot have it, cannot have what is not for me. The light at the bottom of the door catches my wet eye. It is a spectrum of color, a pattern that reminds me of the promise she never got to fill, the rainbow butterflies that would never fly. Just like her, a flightless butterfly, the world unable to appreciate her beauty.

But I did. I saw that beauty every day, witnessed it on the good days and bad days, watched it suffer through four years of hell. That beauty was my mother, and so much more. She wasn’t a writer, but she wrote for me. I devoured every poem, never thinking, This will be the last, but tepidly understanding that it could be the last, until brutally forced to accept that it was the last. She wasn’t an artist, but she painted for me, each work a bundle of love. They say love is eternal; I say love is my mother. She wasn’t a goddess, but she was perfect.

It all amounts to nothing. She’s gone.

Tears stream down my face; I was wrong – there is no happiness here. Only painful memories muffled behind an eternally-locked door. I brought myself here as I always do when I am lost, expecting to hear her guiding voice, the strength of her commands to move forward, to crush the voices of my insecurities that paralyze me and send me hunting for her in the first place.

But I am alone. The only voice I have is my own.

That’s not true. I stand, slowly, as a light shines ahead in the distance. I walk towards it. My instinct is always to run backwards to find her. To pound on that locked door in desperation, to get nowhere trying to go back to her. But she lives in me. The light grows; a casket surrounded by hundreds of candles comes into focus. The gifts she left for me. An explosion of golds and cherry reds, a rainbow of warmth. I pick one up, and the flame grows brighter in my hand.

I glance at the casket and cry, but through the tears, I smile ever so slightly. The candle I hold burns into my mind the last birthday I spent with her.

Memories have a way of dragging me back to the past. Memories are what will light my way to the future.

I know I will get lost again. But I hang on to the hope that I will find my way back here, not to the locked door, but to the wealth of light she left for me to move on.

I turn and face forward.

A hallway, long and dark, stretches before me. For the first time, I notice the doors on either side. No rainbow of light, no voices, only bare possibilities. I walk forward and wonder which to open first.