Batman Rhapsody

Written By Sander Mark


-Sander Mark

Is this my life now?

Is this Gotham city?

There’s so much Crime,

Joker’s broken from custody.

Everyone dies,

The villains are on a crime spree,

I’m just an orphan, and crooks are all scared of me,

Because I’m Like Punch Punch left , kick kick right

I’m so scary, in the night,

Any way the crime goes doesn’t really matter to me, in my city.

Mama, Can’t kill this man,

But I struck him in his head,

Stuck a batarang through his chest.

Mama, there’s bad guys everywhere,

And now I’m stuck fighting evil every day.

Mama, ooh,

Because you and dad are dead,

I chose a life punching things,

It’s my life, it’s my life and my city only matters.

Too late, there’s too much to do,

Bane wants to break my spine,

And Killer Croc wants to eat me alive.

Goodbye, Alfred, I’ve got to go,

Gotta leave my rich boy life and face these dudes.

Mama, ooh (any way the crime goes),

I wish these guys would die,

I sometimes wish I’d never lost my parents at all.

I see a crazy stature of a man,

Hahaha, hehehe, why so serious ?

Joker and his army,

Standing, very menacingly.

(Bats) Joker.

(Bats) Joker,

Joker don’t you


I’m just the bat man, everybody fears me.

I’m just the bat man ready to break your knees,

Saving Gotham from these monstrosities.

Punch, Kick Punch Kick, will you give up Joker?

HAHA! No, I will not let this up. (Give up!)

HAHA! I will not let this up. (Give up!)

HAHA! I will not let this up. (Give up!)

 I will not let this up. ( Give Up!)

 will not let this up (Never, never, never, never)

Oh oh oh oh

No, no, no, no, no, no, no

Oh, mama mia, mama mia (Mama mia, please give up.)

Beelzebub has this devil put aside for me, for me, for me.

So you think you can fight me and make  me cry?

Well you can’t cause I’m bat man, get ready to die?

Oh, Joker, you’ll never win Joker,

So just go back to jail, go back to jail right now.

(Ooooh, ooh yeah, ooh yeah)

Nothing really matters,

But my city,

Nothing really matters,

Nothing really matters to me.

Any way the crime goes.


Haiku: Practice Makes Permanent

Written By LunaLali

The daily grind is
Still water, an ice fortress
Beseeched by your love

The bridge helps you cross
Crystal clear reflections of
When my fish were gone

To cut is to hold
Sakura for you, rot for me
Swept away with song

The spanish word for us two
Separado hoy


Soft strokes on piano
I am a child once more
Mother and sister

Beside me we watch
As youth grow beyond their years
Stories once untold

Stories now unfold
Cherries ripen as petals
Are covered in snow

I don’t like you very much
Max the better cat
Old shoes break apart
But payless is now gone so
Amazon it is
Unicorns and mars
Seven syllables go here
Area 51
Created on 10/02/19

These Few Words & The Question: Found Poetry

Written By Gregory Giovannini

These few words
A very funny thing
Hostile, in a nice sort of way
They don’t go away
They remain
Viewed only
The lens
Of the world
Hurt us.

The question
came about
a vague notion
to escape –
“Not forever,” he said.
a sun won’t last forever.
everything will be dark.
dead and silent.


Written By Gabby Reznick



When you’re walking through the trees,
Beware! For not all is as it seems.
A crinkle here, a rustle there,
Long dark branches raking through your hair,
Shadows stretching longer and longer,
Fog that gets thicker and stronger,
The deafening rushing of the river,
And the fiddle playing of a sinner.

If you see her–
Or you hear her–
It means that you are like her,
And her wrath you cannot deter.

You cannot hide–
Many have tried–
You cannot run–
She thinks chasing you is fun–
And if you open up your mouth and scream,
All the closer to you will she seem.

Remember to be good, child,
Remember that if you are wild
Her song each night you will hear,
And it will strike you full of fear.
Lie still, she is no threat to you,
Unless as she’s done, you have too.

They say she was once the star of every show–
Everyone knew which way the wind would blow
But one fine day there came another,
And he was none other than her beloved brother
He spent many years in the shadow of his sister,
But if only he’d known outshining her would mean something so sinister.

You see, she couldn’t stand not having the spotlight,
And eventually they got into the biggest fight–
Their voices climbed up higher and higher,
Screaming with the sparks of the hottest fire–
Both believed they deserved to be the winner,
But with each exchange her patience grew thinner and thinner
Until–in a flash of blinding rage–
The angry beast inside her broke out of its cage.

Without thinking about what she was doing–
She didn’t even realize that she was moving–
She took her bow and stabbed it through his throat,
And his hands went limp, never to play another note

As the rage faded from her eyes
And she once again heard the buzzing of the flies
She looked at the limp body of her childhood best friend
And comprehended that his short life had come to an end
And standing by the river where they played when they were young
She screamed and screamed until her vocal chords stung
And when she could scream no more
She used her bow for something she had only used it for once before–
She stabbed it through her own gut
And as the pain faded, her eyes slowly shut.

Their instruments were found there the next day,
At least that is what the villagers say,
And though the boy’s body lay where it fell,
Her’s had vanished, as if by a magic spell.
They say her spirit never left
That her soul was now eternally bereft
And because she could not forgive herself for her heinous crime
She is cursed to haunt the river bank for all time.

Desperate to avenge her brother
If any person inflicts upon another
An act so despicable and grotesque
She and her horrid bow once again will manifest
And in the morning they will be found
Lying mangled on the ground.

Beware children, listen all,
Listen here and heed my call
Never let rage control your actions–
You must strive to control all your reactions
Or you will be hunted by the lady from the river,
Eternally marked to be a sinner.